Thankyou so much for visiting My Plann!

Im no Carrie Bradshaw when it comes to blogging, but instead here to help with all things motivation, self development & organisation. 

My name is Megan & I originally thought of the idea of making planners and printable work sheets because I am a complete to-do list fanatic. Obsessed with the idea that without a plan, your planning to fail, I start everyday with a to-do list. 

Being organised and planning my day helps me adopt a clear mind. Before doing this I always felt like I had to many tabs open in my head and found it hard to get anything done because.. I always had so much to do!

I now start everyday with the same routine & by planning I can prioritise my daily to do's by writing them down & working through it gradually, instead of it floating around in your head.

Last year I feel like I completely opened up to the possibility that anything is possible. A massive mindset shift has left me feeling like I can honestly work towards anything I want in life, so that is what I'm doing! Developing as a person has helped me turn all things negative into something positive, (delusional some might say) but I say optimistic! 

So I started My Plann to creating the tools that will help me & you achieve a clear, motivated mindset. 

My question to you is do you lack motivation & have an unorganised life? 

If the answers yes then Im here to help!