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Mental Health - With Kori Swabey

Are you lucky enough to have never had to feel the effects of mental health? Fortunately I am.   Mental health is something that 5 years ago I didn’t even believe in. My response once was ‘attention seeker’ and I’m not proud to say that but it’s true, I was uneducated & blind to it. It’s something that only in the last few years has become something people who suffer have started speaking out about.   I recently read a book that said if you have never been effected by mental health issues then you can never understand how exhausting it is to wake up everyday and live with them. So this week I decided to ask one of my...

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Motivation Blog..Everyone struggles with motivation, some days you wake up and have no motivation at all. I have these days too! However a shift in my mindset while feeling like this completely changes how I feel about getting motivated.This is how you should look at it..Being motivated is a CHOICE! Motivation revolves around discipline, being disciplined will make motivation a routine, rather then a chore. I wake up everyday knowing the only person who is going to get me where I want to be is me. I take full responsibility for the fact if I don’t do anything productive today, that’s a choice. That’s me not putting in the work. How can I expect to achieve my goals and dreams...

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Self Love

Hey! Me again back with a new blog... Let me just start by saying thank you so much if you're reading this, or if you’ve looked at last week's blog on mindset. I'm not going to lie, I literally say to myself while writing these I wonder if anyone would even read it! BUT... I’ve had such a great response and a girl named Nikki messaged me on my Instagram account on Wednesday saying about how she loved my blog. She explained how it’s helped her and how she related to it so much. My mind was blown! That little me actually helped someone by posting a blog! So I’m back again & this week, I asked what you’d like...

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My Mindset

HEY! this is my first blog post, so be kind & try to ignore any bad punctuation haha!  This is about all things mindset..  My struggles & realisations! As I’ve gotten older I’ve always worked so hard for everything I have, with that being said I’ve not always had the most amazing mindset.. I wouldn’t even say I was even aware of the term mindset or subconscious thinking until late 2020.I had heard of ‘the secret’ and I had heard the term law of attraction loads but never really knew what it ment or how I’d be able to change my pattern of thinking to give myself a better life by using it.Like I said, I’ve not always had a positive...

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Hey! Thankyou so much for visiting My Plann! Im no Carrie Bradshaw when it comes to blogging, but instead here to help with all things motivation, self development & organisation.  My name is Megan & I originally thought of the idea of making planners and printable work sheets because I am a complete to-do list fanatic. Obsessed with the idea that without a plan, your planning to fail, I start everyday with a to-do list.  Being organised and planning my day helps me adopt a clear mind. Before doing this I always felt like I had to many tabs open in my head and found it hard to get anything done because.. I always had so much to do! I...

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