My Mindset

this is my first blog post, so be kind & try to ignore any bad punctuation haha! 

This is about all things mindset.. 

My struggles & realisations!

As I’ve gotten older I’ve always worked so hard for everything I have, with that being said I’ve not always had the most amazing mindset..

I wouldn’t even say I was even aware of the term mindset or subconscious thinking until late 2020.
I had heard of ‘the secret’ and I had heard the term law of attraction loads but never really knew what it ment or how I’d be able to change my pattern of thinking to give myself a better life by using it.

Like I said, I’ve not always had a positive mindset. I was actually so obsessed with striving for more that I was never happy with anything that I had.
(which will explain my reasons for 365 grateful days the gratitude journal I’m bringing out in February). I wouldn’t be happy with my car, my house, my clothes.. I always wanted bigger and better and it made me miserable. Constantly comparing my life to others. Which I’m sure we are all guilty for now and again! Being miserable and ungrateful are literally the worse mindset traits to have & when I made the shift to a more positive mindset, my life has changed. I feel like absolutely nothing can stop me from having what I want in life, all those things I used to think about, wishing that I had.. I already have.. the universe just hasn’t caught up yet.

But before I tell you about my thought process with mindset & my personal opinion on it, I’m going to share how I actually come to realise that the universe, your mindset & the vibrations you let off can change your life.

2020 was a bad year for everyone, I literally do not know 1 person who had a good year. With COVID & constantly being in and out of work, it was STRESS! 2020 was probably the most challenging year of my life, mentally & financial.

In August last year I found out that I was pregnant, we had been trying so when I got a positive pregnancy test I was so excited. I tried not to get to excited because I had been pregnant the November before & miscarried at 6 weeks, but I had an early scan and when I passed the 6 weeks stage I thought ‘this is it!’.
I suffered with bad sickness & one of my pregnant friends suggested booking in and paying for another early scan so I had something to look forward to (so I had something to think about other then not being able to eat anything without being sick haha) so I did! When I went to my scan I was 10 weeks pregnant, but after being scanned the lady said that there was no heart beat and the baby was measuring around 9weeks 4 days so it had happened over the last few days.
Obviously after this type of news your entire mindset is in the gutter anyway.

I’m one of those people who cry on my own, get up go to work and put on a brave face so nobody would no any different. A few weeks later I was working with a lady who was a massive believer in crystals, the law of attraction & all those types of things that at the time I thought was to far-fetched to be believable. I’ve had friends who collected crystals and I never really understood why. Whilst working with this lady she turned to me & whispered in my ear ‘you’ve recently experienced the loss of a baby haven’t you’. at this point my mind was blown and I though WTF!
How would she know?
She started to explain that the universe had sent her a feeling and that it’s the universes way of looking out for me. We got talking about sage, mindset, crystals etc & the next day when I finished work I went straight to my local Crystal shop & brought loads of bits and bobs. I am not saying that since using crystals that they are the reason I feel like my life has changed, but I am open to the fact that they help & I think that’s all that matters. If you buy a Crystal, carry it around while thinking ‘this is a load of crap it’s not gunna do anything’ chances are you aren’t going to feel anything. I think going into it you have to have an open mind.

From here I started meditating, burning sage and really looking into the science behind the subconscious mind & how it all works.

When I first miscarried my only thought was ‘why me, why does this keep happening to me’. I now look at what happened to me as a positive. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I’m glad it happened but instead, taking a negative & turning it into a positive. If I didn’t go through what I went through I wouldn’t have adopted this new mindset, and I believe the universe handed me this situation in order for me to gain more of a positive perspective on life.

I now see my self as a delusional optimist, meaning I’m so optimistic about everything that it can actually be perceived as completely delusional. Everything bad that happens to me, I turn into a win instead, for example MY PLANN! I currently have 300 followers on My Plann.. some would see this as something bad. I haven’t yet attracted the audience I want & this is why so many people give up so quickly.. but I see it as 300 people who follow my new business, 300 people interested in what I am selling, 300 people interested in what I am posting. That’s 300 more people then I had when I started my account. So for me, that’s a win! I have trained my mind to see the good in every situation.

I’ve realised that you choose! You choose what energy you put into things, I no longer let negative situations to consume my energy. If something bad happens, it’s easy to rant & be negative but by doing so, by letting off that bad energy, you are only inviting more negative situations into your life. Always choose to stay as optimistic, positive & hopeful over situations you are powerless in.
I feel like people are a certain way & they think that is just them. They don’t realise that they can be whoever they want to be, it’s a choice!
Adopting a new mindset is a choice, and by being more positive, being more consistent & being more grateful I know that I can have whatever I want as long as I’m putting it out into the universe & taking the steps to make it happen. It’s all about the shift, shifting from ‘I can’t do that it’s too hard’ to ‘this is going to be easy’ because while your in the mindset of ‘this is hard’ you are going to attract more things into your life that are hard. If you shift your subconscious mind to think everything is easy, whatever I do is easy, the universe will reflect that and you will find things come to you a lot easier. it’s the law of attraction & whatever you speak, whatever you put out there.. is what you get. Every evening you should visualise your finish line, your dream life and tell yourself ‘im so happy I have the life of my dreams’. Affirm it like it’s already yours & more importantly believe it, believe in yourself that you can get there.
Grab some paper and a pen,
Write down everything you want in life, your goals & all your wildest dreams. Don’t listen when your subconscious mind tells you it’s unreadable. Let your heart do the talking. Tell yourself these are my dreams and I deserve them. Say everything I want is already mine.. the universe just hasn’t caught up yet. The law of attraction doesn’t just work sometimes, it’s the law, it’s science.

It really just boils down to removing limiting beliefs from your mind, recognising that when you feel like a winner you will attract more wins. Attracting more wins, makes you more grateful, which attracts more great things. Once you’ve decided you’re not being that negative person, with that negative mindset anymore, there is nothing that can stop you.
There is quite literally no dream to big, with the right mindset & as long as you are willing to work, you can achieve anything.
Stay confident, stay focused & you will be unstoppable. Let your mindset be the engine to your success.
So from today, decide who you want to be. Visualise your highest self, and start showing up as her everyday!