Motivation Blog..
Everyone struggles with motivation, some days you wake up and have no motivation at all. I have these days too! However a shift in my mindset while feeling like this completely changes how I feel about getting motivated.

This is how you should look at it..
Being motivated is a CHOICE!

Motivation revolves around discipline, being disciplined will make motivation a routine, rather then a chore. I wake up everyday knowing the only person who is going to get me where I want to be is me. I take full responsibility for the fact if I don’t do anything productive today, that’s a choice. That’s me not putting in the work. How can I expect to achieve my goals and dreams if I’m not willing to put in the work to get there. If I choose to be lazy, that’s on me! I wake up everyday and tell myself.. “get up and get it done”, regardless of if I’ve stayed up all night watching Sex in the City or not! Because the truth is, you are not going to feel motivated everyday. You will definitely have more unmotivated days than motivated, you will have lapses in motivation, but you have to be disciplined and push through those days. Realise that being successful, achieving your dreams, smashing goals is a choice. Nobody is going to give it to you, so it’s down to you to work everyday until you have built the life you have manifested. I am a believer in the law of attraction, but I also believe you have to put in the foundations, put in the effort everyday so that the universe can give you all the opportunities you deserve.

Everything you do in life is a choice, every choice you make will determine your life, big or small! I started MY PLANN officially in January, I have 2 goals for MY PLANN. I could tell you them but I know nobody would believe they are reachable and that’s ok, because it doesn’t matter what others think. I choose to prove them wrong! The only person who can decide if MY PLANN fails to reach the goals I’ve set is.. ME. I am responsible for my own success and I will wake up everyday, write my to-do list and get what needs to be done, done. Everyday I tell myself my goals are reachable, and as long as I’m putting in the work, whether it take 3, 5 or 10 years, I will reach my goals because there’s no way I’m going to stop getting up and getting on with it everyday until I have. Because that’s what I’m choosing to do! I could give up on my dreams, also a choice! But that isn’t going to happen!
This is such a funny way to look at motivation but.. If you are working towards something, something others think is unreachable then start writing your own success story.
Write about where you started, when you started. What your dreams are and how you plan to get to them. Write everyday whether its been a good day or bad - because one day the people who think you live in a dream world, will ask you how you did it and as long as you choose to put everything you’ve got into something, as long as you choose not to give up, you will 100% reach the top.
Your success story you have just began is a decloration to yourself! It’s proof that you believe you can do it and you are documenting step 1 to step 1001, from the very beginning until the very end. Because until you have ended your success story by reaching the goals you’ve set yourself, you won’t stop!
It is not going to be easy, but if it was easy to achieve your dreams everybody would be doing it. We all dream of being millionaires, having our dream house etc, but it seems so unreachable. 2.46 million people in the UK are millionaires, all 2.46 million of them started somewhere and I can guarantee you they did not get to where they are without being disciplined & choosing to get up and put in the work everyday. There would of been a point in time that their now reality, was just a dream. Just like yours is now!
This can be used in other aspects of your life to, not just motivation in a career setting but you can also write a success story when it comes to weight loss and other goals you have. The success story you write is all about believing you can do it. Again with weight loss, choosing to slip up, eat off plan & not exercise like you’ve promised yourself is a choice. The only person in charge is you.
I literally will never stop saying that you choose your life! If your happy and you settle, there’s nothing wrong with that because that’s your choice. If you believe you want more, have a vision of your life that isn’t yet a reality then choose to work everyday & never choose to give up because you will get there. Discipline & consistency will take you there!
Realise your passion, and go at 100mph with no breaks on & with full confidence in yourself. Believe you are capable of anything and be obsessed with improving your life.
Wake up, be disciplined and get things done every day.