Self Love

Hey! Me again back with a new blog...

Let me just start by saying thank you so much if you're reading this, or if you’ve looked at last week's blog on mindset. I'm not going to lie, I literally say to myself while writing these I wonder if anyone would even read it! BUT... I’ve had such a great response and a girl named Nikki messaged me on my Instagram account on Wednesday saying about how she loved my blog. She explained how it’s helped her and how she related to it so much. My mind was blown! That little me actually helped someone by posting a blog! So I’m back again & this week, I asked what you’d like me to cover and you voted for self love!

Self love is a topic I’m still working out myself to be fair! These are just my views and beliefs on what self love is. A topic that has so many aspects. The most obvious being actually loving yourself as a person, not only your appearance, but the characteristics that make you YOU. As well as the beliefs you have about yourself, knowing yourself & what you deserve.

I asked three of my friends what self love is and they all found it so difficult to explain what they thought it meant. One described it as self care, a glass of wine, a bath and watching Friends. Another said he had no idea because he doesn’t love himself (meaning in an appearance aspect) and the other said he’d think about it.. because he didn’t know.

I still very much struggle with the appearance side of self love. I think those struggles come down to comparing yourself to others, beautiful influencers on Instagram. I’m sure everyone is guilty of wanting a new nose or some fillers! I follow so many accounts about body positivity and it’s absolutely amazing that these girls are so confident. But honestly the way you look is the least interesting thing about you and does not define you as a person at all.

Self improvement, in a mindset, life improvement or a spiritual way are all signs of self love, recognising that you deserve more in life and believing you are capable of more.
You must appreciate yourself, your circumstance and the transformation journey from the person you once was to the person you are now. A balance between loving the person you are and the life you have while knowing you deserve better.

But what if you don’t have self love, what if you aren’t happy? My opinion is that it’s based on the beliefs you have of yourself, why don’t you believe you are worthy of a better life, or change. Where did those beliefs stem from? Nobody is perfect and one part of self love that nobody talks about is accepting the part of yourself that you aren’t happy with. Forgive yourself, stop putting yourself down and stop setting standards of yourself that are too high. Nobody is perfect, so forget the opinions of other people and live for you! Once you start forgiving yourself for the things you aren’t proud of and accepting yourself for who you are, good & bad! The beliefs you have of yourself will change.

Love yourself enough to distance yourself from people who bring your mood down, people who literally steal your happiness with their bad energy. I think self love can be considered self indulgent and egotistical, for example I may not be completely happy with my appearance, BUT I know I’m a good person. I’m proud of the person I am and the characteristics I have. I know that in previous years I’ve done things I am not proud of but self forgiveness is a factor of self love, knowing you aren’t that person anymore and acknowledging what you did and choosing to let go of it is the main sign of growth. Telling myself that I do love the person I am on the inside; as big headed as it sounds, is the truth! I’m sure everybody can relate, you don’t go around announcing that you're a wonderful person, but you are allowed to feel that love for yourself. Be your own biggest fan! Accepting who you truly are and loving yourself for it because that is you!

Since starting MyPlann I have read a LOT of quotes, and one that sticks out to me regarding the subject of self love is “Be careful how you talk to yourself, because you are always listening”. This is so true! Speaking and thinking negatively about yourself will only make you more unhappy, bring you more negativity and give out a negative vibration!

You, your mindset, your self love, your vibration, the law of attraction, are all interlinked. If you want happiness, abundance and amazing opportunities to come your way, you need to start with YOU. Start by being happy with yourself & the person you are! The rest will follow.